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Fortune 500 enterprises choose Quantum Metric as their Digital Intelligence Platform

Forrester Total Economic Impact Quantum Metric

Forrester Total Economic Impact™

  • Improved time to identify and resolve UX issues: $6.7M Profit Gain
  • Ability to retire existing solutions: $1.8M Cost Savings
  • Improved Workflow: $1.2M Time Savings
  • Fraud Loss Prevention: $1.1M Reclaimed Revenue

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Quantum Metric BroGrammer

Guess What? Stop Guessing.

Quantum Metric uncovers insights to why visitors struggle on your website and apps, unlocking actionable opportunities to impact engagement and recover lost revenue.

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Data Without the Data Scientist

Quantum Metric captures terabytes of user traffic to deliver an incredibly clear and insightful view of your business, trends, and opportunities prioritized by their value to you.

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Empathize and Develop with Replay

Our web and native session replay allows your team to go beyond visualization to understanding your customer’s pain and unlocking actionable opportunities.

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Spotlight for Quantum Metric Replay
Quantum Metric Automatic Funnel Detection

Automatic Funnel Analysis

With patent-pending FunnelDNA, Quantum Metric analyzes customer segments in real-time to uncover where and why users are under converting, without spending hours or days searching for answers.

KPIs and Grades

Dashboards that inform you about your business at a glance, complete with CX, KPIs, and sales info so that you can be confident your online presence is working efficiently.

Actionable Intelligence

No more hunting for information in a sea of data. Quantum Metric augments the work of a data analyst, presenting opportunities that affect your bottom line.

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Easy Integrations for your Enterprise

Paint a complete digital experience picture by integrating with your favorite web analytics, VOC and APM tools.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics
Opinion Lab
Adobe Target
Abode Target

Scalable Enterprise Architecture

Quantum Metric is the only Digital Intelligence Platform with session replay that is architected to meet the demands of any enterprise.

Minimal Configuration

Deploys with many built-in algorithms to automatically detect frustration, so you can focus on your customer experience, not the configuration.

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Near-Zero Impact

Patent-pending tech to decrease the network communication by up to 99% compared to competitors = the lowest overhead session replay in the industry.

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Completely Secure

Military grade encryption keeps your data safe. PCI data is never captured, and additional fields can be excluded from capture or encrypted.

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Built For Big Data

Google BigQuery ensures scalability, high availability, and failover. Query massive amounts of data with BigQuery's petabyte scale database service.

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SaaS Deployment

Focus on delivering value, instead of managing extra services. Installation takes just a few minutes, and you'll be up and running in hours!

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Not ready for SaaS? As an alternative, Quantum Metric can be deployed on premise with ease using Docker containers.

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